The Rennie Artist 

          During the unprecedented times of Covid-19 my community is one of the groups of people who have suffered most. Our world closed on March 13, 2020.  Our jobs were gone. The place where we lived was no longer.  And, it wasn’t just the loss of a job, but a community torn apart. Scattering in all directions, every one of us needed to find shelter; a place to lay our heads. Some were penniless, others had a few dollars. Our community gathered together in those last days, tearing down our booths weeks early, and helped feed those who were hungry, and offered any help we could.  Some went home to family, some just lived in their car or on a friend’s couch.  

          It isn’t just the Rennie Artist, or their friends and neighbors at faire who have suffered; You, the Renaissance Festival Patron have had your world tipped upside down, too! You come every year, with big eyes and giant smiles. Embrace us, fawn over our work, and hold our hands while you tell us stories. We laugh, and fall in love all over again.  We create the magic.  We miss you, too.  In the months since we closed down,  I have seen so many posts on social media begging for any information about “that one artist, who makes that one thing”…or  “I can’t remember which festival, but I think it was in Texas” or “Who makes those things, with the stuff??” And sometimes they find what they seek, and sometimes their posts get lost in the shuffle.

          When speaking with a friend one day, I was lamenting the difficulty finding Rennie Artists through the social media platforms, and I mentioned building a website to bring them and the Patrons who love them together.  She was excited about it, and said “I’m in”.  I asked another friend, if she, too wanted to be involved — and she whole heartedly agreed, too.  And so it began. 

          We present to you the Festival Patron, seeking your favorite artist – A comprehensive search engine – by Keyword (specific items, names or faires) by Category or by State and Faire. Your search will result in a list of people who might fit your needs.  Once you find the person you’re looking for, click on their link to see the full listing.  On that page will be a website link so you can head over to their private pages for purchase.  We provide this service to You free of charge, and for our Rennie Artist Members without taking commission from their work. 

          Thank you for coming, and be sure to check back as our artist collective grows.


Antoine — Queen Bee

Connie Cooper

Tech – Website Backbone

Antoine Bee

Graphics – Self Proclaimed Queen Bee

I could not have done this without Connie Cooper. She has been the backbone of the structure and functionality of this website. And, without the initial encouragement and assistance of Sarah Van Ness, this may have ended up just being a thought instead of a reality.  I am grateful to those women beyond what words can express. 

I hope you’ll join us. Patron or Artist, we’d love to have you.

Thank you!
                                                Antoine ~ Queen Bee


Some have asked if there is a way to donate to the cause…

if you’re one of them, we have set up a clickable button to donate any amount, below.