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Something Else Studio

wearable art accessories

It is a lot of work to create, promote and manufacture ones own designs for festivals and my website and it’s an adventure I wouldn’t trade for anything. So follow your dreams and BELIEVE in the magic of your creative soul.

Twelfth House Art

wire wrapped jewelry

I am very inspired by the planets, the stars, and the crystals that come from this beautiful rock we live on.

Rennie Artist 5

Starlit Skies

Elf Ears & cuffs, Fairy Ears, & Ear Wraps

Starlit Skies Specialty items these last 5 years has been the Wire Elf Ears, Elf Ear cuffs, Fairy Ears, and Ear Wraps crafted in Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass, wi9th Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystals.